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Red sky. by fieldmouse Red sky. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 1 2
It is not the planet that carries her through light to night and all the seasons —
I use curtains and switches, and sweetened water in plastic cups with handles and lids.
I can no longer sustain her in a harness on my shoulders, and she asks why:
Why can’t we have cake for dinner?
Why did I have another baby?
Why does he get to cry so much?
Why did I make Granddad die?
I have no god to teach her of except her own small self, who knows nothing of blame.
She trips round the house, laughing yet, her feet swamped in my old black shoes.
:iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 1 0
Empty bellies.
i bring you mice unwrapped and see you
squeeze down tidbits of lungs and livers and lick
my lips
we covet something full:
a swan, a hart, but snow
fallout has left all small and greyed my clumsy limbs
never have worked for hunting
yours never, yours can’t want to
:iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 0 0
mulling vulgar thread over and
under my tongue,
as if from muslin rent with teeth I could
whip up silk and spit
pithy little stitches - - -
shape some snug indulgence
fit to your hips;
present a taste without touching your lips.
:iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 0 0
death disgusts you less than this these
wet potentiallings weeping without
without close on pared hands
i wait still lying back i am pushing
back prolonging preventing youpain
long overduelings pressing up at all my lips won’t
pass without tearings
i would never have borne
:iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 1 0
chasing chafe of skin on skin
rubbing rough -- hurry --
split the itch rich raw relief
dab dry red at gummy tongue
and heal?
   --in theory.
:iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 0 0
infesting time in
feel here, in the musty hollows of my ribs. things
will drop like fleas from a stray, splatter
fleshy to your feet, open
wet, entitled infant mouths. push
past the squick, these
pustules of juicy larvae -- beneath,
bones crumble like rotted cheese.
:iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 1 5
Sea. by fieldmouse Sea. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 5 2 Not Hedwig. by fieldmouse Not Hedwig. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 5 2 Not of Troy. by fieldmouse Not of Troy. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 7 8 Jigglypuff. by fieldmouse Jigglypuff. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 6 6 Heart paint. by fieldmouse
Mature content
Heart paint. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 1 4
Sleeps with butterflies. by fieldmouse Sleeps with butterflies. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 2 0 Time off being hardcore. by fieldmouse Time off being hardcore. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 1 1 Father and son. by fieldmouse Father and son. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 0 0 Blue girl. by fieldmouse Blue girl. :iconfieldmouse:fieldmouse 0 0

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The Knife's Speech
In the early eighteen hundreds, a sixteen year old girl decides to leave her hard home life and go out to seek her fortune. She takes with her a blanket, some food and her father's old knife. On the road to London, the knife speaks to her.
I left the forge in years long gone by,
with blades of great renown and greater strength,
but none of them has done so much as I,
though they may be recalled whilst I am not.
It was with them that men waged cruel war,
displaying awesome power before the world.
I'm agent of small deeds which no one saw,
but which will have effect until Earth's end.
There's little in those youths who name me beautiful,
run fingers down my spine to test me,
feel my balance, call me graceful
and having paid that tribute soon abandon me.
To them I'm but a toy that men outgrow
and leave behind with boyhood.
My subtler power's a power they'll never know
in heat of war and sound of soldiers' feet.
Yet gentle women know my power well;
and quiet girls unleash my strengt
:iconpaperdart:PaperDart 220 81
eyeseeyou by oodreysmart eyeseeyou :iconoodreysmart:oodreysmart 3,157 266
Effective Brevity
Effective Brevity
deviantArt is a minimalist experience. No one has time to use words unwisely. You may write lengthily, but not redundantly. This is good practice; a rule they don't teach you at school, but that all writers ought to learn before they break it.
Brevity is the best way to show-not-tell. It is the best way to keep pace. It is the best way to create convincing characters and plot.
5 steps to keeping it brief:
Why use a genus when you could use a species? When describing Aunt Maria's dog, is it more effective to say "dog" or "dachshund". "Dachshund" not only tells me what the dog looks like, it tells me about Aunt Maria too.
Why use an abstract when you could use a concrete? The story of "the love affair" may be longer than the noun phrase, but its length is compensated ten times over by the new insight. Do not talk to me about "death" or "dream" unless I know whose death or which dream. It must be an action or event to earn its place, not a "thing".
:iconcrumpetsharvey:CrumpetsHarvey 39 23
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keeps everything in scraps.
If you've got two secs, answer these questions in return for eternal LOVE? I borrowed them from Steph, who borrowed them from someone else, who probably did likewise...

What do you, as the audience, think that my art style says about me personally?

What type of feeling do you get from it, and what kind of feeling does that give you about me?

(These next two questions assume you actually know me, so you may skip these last two.)

Do you think it describes my personality well?

If not, what do you think would reflect it better?


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happy birthday! :cake:
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Thank you! :)
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OH my whattt?! You are watching me!?!! :squee: HFIADHFuEAfiuh! Holy wowza. Ahahhh. :D
fieldmouse Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Yeah, your art is cool! And you've been so nice to me. (:
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